Metro Floors & Remodelers provides a diverse selection of carpet that offers many benefits for today's homeowners

Metro Floors & Remodelers knows that today's carpet is a far cry from what our parents and grandparents had in their homes. There are many more types, styles, textures and colors available from well-known carpet manufacturers. Moreover, new manufacturing technologies have allowed carpet makers to offer new materials that have amazing resistance to stains, the retention of dirt, pollen and allergens and much, much more. This adds up to a very broad selection for homeowners and businesses to chose from at much lower cost than many hardwood and tile flooring materials. The benefits available with today's new carpets include:

Greater comfort & insulation

New carpet retains heated air which means lower utility costs and important energy conservation. Foot-friendly carpet also provides a comfortable floor to walk and sit on, while it adds a warmer feeling to any home's rooms.

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More style and beauty

Today, you can select your new flooring from thousands of carpet styles, textures, patterns and a full spectrum of colors. That means you have unlimited choices from which to complement and enhance your interior design preferences. Carpet can deliver a neutral appearance, or it can be a stunning focal point featuring vibrant colors and bold patterns and textures.

Healthier indoor air quality

New carpet is the best flooring choice now available to limit VOC emissions. It actually serves as an air filter that traps dust, dirt, allergens and pollen, thereby taking them out of the air you breathe in your home until they are easily removed with regular vacuuming. This is an important benefit for family members and guests who suffer from asthma and allergy problems, especially seniors and young children.
Luxury carpet in Burke, VA from Metro Floors and Remodelers

Protection from slips and falls

Carpet is ideal for cushioning our footsteps, minimizing slips and falls and preventing most injuries if falls do take place. Carpet provides protection for the entire family, but particularly for toddlers and senior citizens.

Improved noise reduction

Large flat screen TVs, speaker phones, computers and modern hi-fi sound systems can make our homes noisy places. Carpet absorbs these sounds and adding padding underneath your carpet reduces acoustic noise even more. Carpet also provides somewhat of a sound barrier between floors and thereby helps to block sound transmission to rooms underneath you. Also important, carpeting on staircases helps minimize the sounds of constant footfalls on the stairs. Metro Floors & Remodelers supplies carpeting and professional installation for homeowners in Fairfax, Bristow, Chantilly, Vienna and other nearby Virginia areas. If you would like to discuss your interest in today's new flooring materials for your planned home remodeling, phone us, e-mail us, or stop in at our Burke, VA store and showroom at your convenience to discuss your interest in today's new carpet and view actual samples with one of our experienced flooring consultants.