Kitchen and bath remodeling


Time to remodel your kitchen or bath?

No longer do you have to spend a fortune to get the kitchen or the bathroom that you've always wanted. Metro Floors & Remodelers provides outstanding remodeling deals in and around Northern VA. Property owners can now find ideal products and services for kitchen and bath remodeling at spectacular prices. Metro Floors and Remodelers have a team of professional designers to help you create a look and style of your own. We also stock everything from gorgeous countertops and cabinets to attractive sinks and a complete selection of floors for your home or office. Meanwhile, every one of our products is guaranteed. When you want to create a beautiful atmosphere in your residential or commercial property, look no further than Metro Floors and Remodelers.

We can supply wonderful designs for any home or business

When shopping at Metro Floors & Remodelers, a lack of options is the last thing you have to worry about. Our enormous inventory of products contains almost every style and color on the market. Some are lavish, while others are more affordable. Explore our website to see many examples of our products & services, both in our store and on the web. Consumers have no trouble coming up with new ideas to improve their residential and commercial properties. Here are some useful questions to ask when you begin to remodel your kitchen or bath:

  • What is your favorite design? Are you attracted to a vintage look or a modern one? For a classic looking kitchen or bathroom, you should think about installing maple countertops and cabinets. Stainless steel faucets and stone basin sinks work best in contemporary rooms. Regardless of your particular style, you can rely on Metro Floors and Remodelers to find exactly what you are looking for.

  • How much are you looking to spend? Property owners' budgets can help them to choose between luxurious hardwood floors and less expensive vinyl flooring. Consumers also get to decide if they want to spend more money in some rooms than others. It never hurts to use both granite and vinyl. For instance, some folks decide to pour more money into their kitchen counters to make them resistant to scratches, as well as fire. Other times, customers want to spend a majority of their budgets on extravagant baths and showers. It is all up to the individual.

  • What is your personal lifestyle? Do you live alone or with a family? Bachelors and bachelorettes may choose low maintenance fixtures. People who enjoy cooking may want to design larger countertops, while makeup artists choose larger mirrors and more drawer space. Regardless of your personal wants and needs, Metro Floors and Remodelers can accommodate you.

There is no question that the kitchen and bathrooms are widely used on just about every property. Now you can use them to express your personal style and taste. The design experts at Metro Floors and Remodelers are happy to lend you a helping hand with advice and opinions. We supply the leading kitchen and bath remodeling services and products in the Northern VA area. To learn more about what we have to offer, call (703) 493-9700 or E-mail us to schedule an in-home consultation or to make an appointment to visit our showroom.



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