Metro customer story: When to upgrade your floors

When is it time to upgrade your floors? One customer says: now.

Metro installed higher quality hardwood floors in Connie's bedroom, while perfectly matching her existing hallway flooring.

Connie is a homeowner in Fairfax, VA. Her philosophy is simple: plan for small, periodic upgrades in key areas of the house. The projects are manageable, budget-friendly, and, taken all in all, add significant value to the property.

“When people list their houses, they get in a panic because they haven’t done anything to their house in years. And now, they’re listing it, they don’t have time for repairs and upgrades, so it becomes expensive,” Connie shares.“My suggestion is, do it now and when you’re ready to go, you’re ready. I didn’t know when I would move out of my previous house, but I started replacing appliances little by little, installing hardwood floors, and in the end I wasn’t stressed out at all.”

Connie has two cats who, like all furry friends do, love her carpet.

Soon it was time to upgrade the second floor bedrooms to hardwood flooring. Tiny catch: she already had existing hardwood in the hallway and wanted to make sure the difference wouldn’t be obvious.

Neera the Cat approves of Connie's new floors!
She chose Metro Floors & Remodelers for the job.

“This is the first time I used Metro Floors & Remodelers,” Connie says. “I was just looking for someone local. 
I called two to three people, one said they couldn’t start work for at least 6 weeks. I decided to go with Frank. He was really nice, and he came for measurements the same day I called.”

Metro Floors & Remodelers gives homeowners like Connie design advice, maintenance tips, and excellent guidance to help choose the right floors for different lifestyle needs.

“It turns out my hallway floors were made of a type of hardwood that isn’t available anymore,” Connie says. “So Frank brought other samples and suggested higher quality brands, while matching the color and style of the existing hardwood, and I went with it. In the end, I saved money and got better quality flooring! Now you can’t even tell the difference between my new hardwood and old hardwood.” Connie is truly happy with her new hardwood floors. And it looks like even her cat, Neera, approves! 

Do you make small home updates every now and then? What was your first project?